About Us


Genesee is a modern wellness company — and community. An adventurous industry leader in the emerging cannabidiol-infused nutrition segment, we’re breaking ground. Genesee sources only the purest, broad-spectrum, water-soluble, industrial-hemp-derived CBD for our active-lifestyle CBD protein bar. That’s it. Our simple, great-tasting THC-free foods nourish everyday warriors from the inside out. Whether used for sports nutrition, holistic health or general wellness, Genesee products are real foods — a new form of nourishment for people looking to enrich life, starting now.

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Genesee’s Genesis

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It all started with Will’s turf toe. In 2017, Genesee founder Will Carr’s toe hurt. Bad. So bad that he could barely play a round of golf at a local charity tournament. But an unplanned experiment sparked his interest. The event was sponsored by a nascent CBD company. He tried a sample and 30 minutes later his pain was gone. Will knew this natural ingredient contained something special.


But as a full-time single dad, athlete and entrepreneur, Will wanted CBD options that fit better with his active lifestyle. The oversaturated market of CBD capsules and gummies weren’t cutting it. So leveraging his engineering background and painstakingly researching the market, he hit on something: CBD-infused protein powder. He’d add it to the smoothie he drank every morning anyway. A CBD nutrition company was born.

Fast forward: A CBD protein bar infused with Will’s obsession for finding only the highest quality all-natural ingredients. A simple everyday solution to the foods active people are already reaching for. See for yourself.