Our Team


At Genesee CBD, we connected in Colorado for a reason. This health-conscious place inspires our every day, a natural proving ground for athletes and an emerging CBD nutrition company. Each day we strive to cultivate the ultimate work-life balance while bringing you nourishment to be your best self.

“Our purpose and passion is 360: It includes the personal and professional. It all just works synergistically. That’s Genesee — a community of people here to live the life we love, dream big, bring our ideas to life and feel fulfillment from being connected to one another.”

Will Carr

The founder of Genesee, Will Carr, is an active guy, he played sports professionally, is skydiver certified and an avid skier. Long story short, in 2017 Will pushed his body to a point where he couldn’t play sports and was suffering from turf toe. Then due to an unplanned experiment, he sampled CBD for the first time at a tournament, and his pain went away. Will saw firsthand how it reduced his inflammation and eased his pain, and knew this natural ingredient contained something special.


But as a full-time single dad, athlete, and entrepreneur, Will wanted CBD options that fit better with his active lifestyle. The oversaturated market of CBD capsules and gummies weren’t cutting it. So leveraging his engineering background and painstakingly researching the market, he hit on something mad a CBD nutrition company was born.


Each product is infused with Will’s obsession for finding only the highest quality all-natural ingredients – a simple everyday solution to the foods active people are already reaching for. Whether an athlete or busy parent, entrepreneur or weekend warrior, Genesee is committed to creating better CBD products that meet your needs and expectations.

Lauren Kerr

Lauren’s bachelor’s degree in business and psychology from the University of Northern Iowa, along with a master’s in health administration from the Medical University of South Carolina, lend great perspective to Genesee’s leading-edge cannabidiol nutrition platform. She combines health-industry training, robust operations experience for a medical startup, and an enduring passion for fitness and wellness.


In her role, Lauren designs, implements and manages Genesee’s marketing strategy, including social media and content creation. But like most small businesses, she wears a lot of hats. So Lauren also takes care of events and public relations, as well as internal administration and customer service.