Conscious CBD Edibles & Consumables.

Now more than ever, conscious consumers want the most natural, authentic hemp-based ingredients they can put in their bodies that also make the lowest impact on the Earth. Genesee Nutrition does both.


A forerunner in industrial hemp-enhanced wellness foods, Genesee has taken the responsible and totally transparent route to researching, sourcing, certifying and marketing performance lifestyle nutrition for active people of all ages.

Natural Ingredients

Every ingredient is sourced for maximizing human health and the health of our planet. Our plant-based protein powder is as raw and real as it gets. Our industrial hemp is extracted from responsibly grown and harvested plants.

Third-Party Testing

To achieve transparency in our real-food ingredients, we take all our products through a third-party certification process. During this lab testing, we substantiate both the amount of CBD we claim and our cannabinoid profiles. But there’s more: We also test for essential nutrients in each product, including protein, calories and carbohydrates.

Environmentally-Friendly Packaging

We use sustainable, recycled materials wherever we can. Right now, nearly all of our product packaging is either made from post consumer waste or is recyclable. We are actively looking for new environmentally sound solutions for the protective film on our CBD protein bars. And one day Genesee strives to make products with only hemp biodegradable plastics. We’re just waiting for technology to catch up with us.