What is CBD?

Check out this informative blog on the nitty gritty of CBD.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is a key homeostatic regulator in the body, playing a role in almost every physiological system in the body. The ECS does this via cannabinoid receptors found in select tissues. We have (at least) two types of cannabinoid receptors:

  • CB1 which is in the central nervous system (brain and nerves of the spinal cord)
  • CB2 which is in the peripheral nervous system (nerves in your extremities), the digestive system, and specialized cells in the immune system

Through those receptors, the ECS helps regulate a lot of important functions, such as:

  • Appetite
  • Digestion
  • Immune function
  • Inflammation, including neuroinflammation
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Reproduction/fertility
  • Motor control
  • Temperature regulation
  • Memory
  • Pain
  • Pleasure/reward

Your body activates the ECS with precision so that it impacts only what it needs to. For example, if your reproductive hormones are out of whack, it will work to regulate them without altering your digestion or immune system.

How much of each Genesee product should I take?

To ensure you are getting a well-rounded balance of nutrients in your diet, we suggest only taking one serving size of each product (wellness shot, & CBD protein bar) per day.

How does CBD help with my nutrition/recovery? Learn all about CBD’s benefits for an active life here.

Where should I store my Genesee products?

All of our products are safe at room temperature. However, we suggest storing the wellness shots in the fridge for a more refreshing experience.

What is a Certificate of Analysis? 

Find out more about how Genesee uses this industry standard here. The COAs for each Genesee product are listed with each product:  wellness shot and CBD protein bar.

Where can I find information on your ingredients?

Each Genesee product lists ingredients on our CBD Shop page.

Why is water-soluble more beneficial? 

Well, for one because our bodies are 70% water. And since oil and water don’t mix, we have to do something special to get more CBD into your body. Read more about the benefits of CBD here.

What does broad-spectrum CBD mean? 

We break it down exactly what broad spectrum CBD is here.

Where is the CBD from?

Our industrial hemp is sourced domestically from a variety of high-quality providers in Colorado, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Do Genesee products contain THC?

No. Our CBD is broad-spectrum, meaning there are zero trace amounts of THC.

Will I pass a drug test?

Using our products will not lead you to fail a drug test. Genesee’s protein powder, wellness shot and protein bar contain zero trace amounts of THC.

Can anyone use Genesee products?

Consult your doctor if you have concerns. Our products are meant for anyone who is looking to live a healthy lifestyle and incorporate more naturally occurring nutrients into their diet.

How often do I need to take the products for them to work?

CBD can be compared to a multivitamin in the sense of how it “works” and its exponential impact. When you take it consistently, every day, you reap more of the benefits.