Well, for one because our bodies are 70% water. And since oil and water don’t mix, why wouldn’t it make sense that a water-soluble ingredient would be much more absorbent and efficient than an oil product? By having our CBD hemp extract lipid encapsulated, the liposome molecule can absorb through your stomach into your bloodstream. This means you get your CBD at a more consistent rate and you will get nearly 5X the value compared to an oil product. Oil must go through your digestive system, and by the time your body has broken it down, you only receive a fraction of the value (roughly 10-15%).


By using a water-soluble that has less waste than oil, we are able to use a less amount of CBD for the same effect as the amount of CBD that is in oils, and those costs savings are passed along to our customers. So not only are our products more cost-effective, but you can feel reassured that your money isn’t going to waste, just like 75-80% of CBD in oil products does.